Pallet Adventures {1}

I don’t make a secret that I love pallets – when I see one or two or three stacked up in a Free place I make room for them in the back of my pickup.  I happen to have a couple of good sources of places who are happy to have folks take them off […]

My Wattled Garden

My Wattled Garden {4}

  I love the natural, old fashioned look of wattling – the process of using natural elements especially branches and twigs – to make fencing or other useful items.  It has a timeless look to it and fits easily into any era.  It ages beautifully and best of all is free.  Mostly anyway – nails […]

Meet The Girls {0}

Spring is just around the corner here, Our five female goats are due to have babies May 1. So far they aren’t really “showing” yet, but if one gently and carefully places their hand on their underbelly, you could just start to feel a bit of movement inside, just a flutter now and then. Another […]

The Clay Oven Project {2}

One of our recent projects was to research and build a clay oven. That part would have been challenging enough but we’re also – as we always try to do at Dryads Rest – using mostly if not all local and found supplies. Free is always the ultimate. So here we go – Location chosen […]

Help save Dryads Rest {2}

Arch Bay Holdings wants Dryads Rest and has been unwilling to negotiate with us to rework the note and keep this special retreat going. Can you help? Click on the post title to view the Donate button. Donations are through PayPal and are confidential unless you specifically request otherwise. Thank you so much – spread […]

The Pirate ship has landed! {0}

The Pirate Ship Project gave a stage prop a permanent home. Now Dryad’s Rest features this fun structure for events of your choosing. See more at our Facebook page Pirate Ship!

Upcoming Events {2}

LARP Wedding More!

Dryads Rest – home at last {0}

Officially, we closed on Halloween Day. Appropriate. Actually the Carls allowed us to begin moving in immediately upon signing, which was a lucky break, as it enabled me to get my mom safely moved and set up before two days (and nights) of below freezing weather. After several adventures (and misadventures) of UHaul rentals, schedule […]