Meet The Girls{0}

Spring is just around the corner here, Our five female goats are due to have babies May 1. So far they aren’t really “showing” yet, but if one gently and carefully places their hand on their underbelly, you could just start to feel a bit of movement inside, just a flutter now and then. Another tell tale clue is they hum while relaxed and chewing their cud.

There’s Lana, my Nubian Queen descended from Lady Kreasome, my champion Nubian Doe.

Lana of Lady - my Queen

Then there’s Whoopsie, daughter of Lana and Walnut.

Whoopsie of Lana and Walnut

Then there’s Lucy, from Lulu and Walnut

Lucy, of Lulu and Walnut

Here is Whisper, from Lulu and Walnut

Whisper, from Lulu and Walnut

Finally there’s Borg – from Lulu (Nubian) and Adam (Boer)

Borg, from Lulu and Adam

The Four Nubians are 100% Nubian milk goats while Borg is Nubian/Boer – we’ll have to wait and see if she proves to be a good milker or not.

In the background of Borg’s photo you can just see Mr Fritz, our visiting Nubian buck, enjoying the girls company while we await his owners, he should be leaving us soon to return to his own farm. I think they’ll be pleased with his condition, he’s added at least ten pounds since coming to Dryads Rest!

Babies in ten weeks! Can’t wait!