Pallet Adventures{1}

I don’t make a secret that I love pallets – when I see one or two or three stacked up in a Free place I make room for them in the back of my pickup.  I happen to have a couple of good sources of places who are happy to have folks take them off their hands. The ones that are too broken to use are set aside for campfire wood (if they are untreated) and the good ones are collected and sorted.  Here’s one project from all that salvaged wood goodness —




Each side used two smaller pallets with long planks to connect them. Pallets were used for the floor with plywood to cover.



Toprails added to stabilize and door frame established.  Then added the plywood shell.









Keeping it simple (no windows) I used planks from pallets for the siding, overlapping an inch…Then came the challenging part – adding the roof!


The roof itself was salvaged, I was able to lift it bit by bit until I could slide it into place, bracing it with a heavy plank until it was secured and roof frame was in place.  The roof itself was slightly too short but fortunately I had one more piece of matching length I could build a tiny extension as needed.





Then to build the shelving (more pallets and discarded shipping containers) and finish the Dutch doors – which will end up eventually with matching crosshatching on the door front – but I will leave that detail for another day.  For now it’s moving day for the chickens into their new home…