Dryads Rest – home at last{0}

Officially, we closed on Halloween Day. Appropriate. Actually the Carls allowed us to begin moving in immediately upon signing, which was a lucky break, as it enabled me to get my mom safely moved and set up before two days (and nights) of below freezing weather.

After several adventures (and misadventures) of UHaul rentals, schedule conflicts, and Halloween to boot, we are moved in. Mostly. Mom is now comfy in her suite, the goats are in the barn, and two days ago Chance came home. Red and Emilie have yet to finish their move, and I have another month to gradually strip my old place bare. Lots of plants to still dig up and transplant, storage issues to be worked out. But we are snug.

There is nothing so satisfying than walking out my door and greeting my horse. After sixteen — no, seventeen years of boarding elsewhere, he is at last home with me. And bored no more! Instead of a small, muddy pen attached to a stall, he has a large room with over forty acres of woods and meadows to roam and explore. I was concerned that he would be lonely, but as for now, there is too much new to discover. Best of all, we are bonding again. How lovely to whistle and call for him (with a treat in hand) andf have him willingly come back for a check in and a pet. He’s an athletic guy, but it will be a challenge to keep him active enough to burn off all that he eats out there, but for now he’s been having more daily exercise than ever before, which should keep his arthritis under control.

There is still so much to do, but for now, peace.