Welcome to Dryad’s Rest!

We are located in tranquil Chehalis, Washington, on a 57-acre fenced property featuring a network of trails for Live Action Role Play (LARP) events, horseback riding and nature walks, and specialty events planned just for you.

Our facilities include customizable areas for weddings and special events; we can also provide a supply of items for our clients’ use. Our aesthetic location also provides opportunity to Historical Recreation and the movie industries; while our site is soothing and seems remote, we are minutes away from well-supplied retailers to suit the needs of large groups.

Currently there are few locations that can offer such a beautiful, unique and comfortably natural setting and learning environment. With State and National Parks losing funding and requiring a strict limitation of usage, the options for urban families are disappearing. We at Dryad’s Rest strive to be a unique and reliable destination for those who crave a beautiful, natural and sometimes challenging setting for their special event.  Let us help your dreams come true!


  1. Kris
    Jun 06, 2015 @ 21:54:40

    I attended today’s wedding, and was a bit taken back at the presence of the space provided for the wedding. Knowing well in advance for this type of event, the farm could have looked in better shape. By that I mean, cleaning up the grounds, making ready for the guests, the amount of dried horse manure we had to walk through and around, was very difficult for some older folks. The setting up of the tables, and where the food was to be laid out was awkward. The whole area made me feel like I was walking into someones farm that had no idea that an event was about to take place, with the exception of the tented area for the ceremony. Overall, it looks like no one has really taken care of the farm, with the exception for the animals that live there. I do know that it’s a farm, but for an event such as this and the amount of people that attended, I feel there should have been more attention paid to the condition, state of repairs and overall shape of Dryad’s Rest. It was a disappointment after looking at your website, to actually be there and see it first hand. Is it the funding that is lacking, or simply the “I think it looks great” from the owners point of view? I would hope to think that it’s the lack of funding to support this farm that is the basis of it downward appearance. One should take seriously into account the condition of the farm, and what it actually needs to become the space that you proclaim to be true. Kris


    • admin
      Jun 09, 2015 @ 17:23:15

      Hi Kris,

      I regret you feel dissatisfied with your experience at Dryad’s Rest. You are correct in that funding challenges have curtailed our ability to achieve the plans we have for the site. If you have fundraising ideas we would absolutely love to hear them!


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